Over the years my professional role has evolved from a heart full of dreams into realities. I went to UGA and received a BFA in fine art with an emphasis in photography. For 8 years I mostly photographed weddings and families, but I always had a love for interiors and design. After college, I married my best friend, had two sweet baby girls, lived in four different houses and became a stay at home, working mom. Naturally my work as a photographer slowed down after everything being a mama entails, but my desire for a creative outlet grew.

 Right before we had our second child, we bought our second home. We signed the papers while I was in the hospital in labor and began our 7 week renovation. Even amidst a sleepless, exhausting time, the designing and planning brought me life and creative energy.  That is when I knew a new dream had formed. 

Now I have the amazing opportunity to work with clients and builders designing home renovations and interiors.