I had such a great time shooting this wedding. Kacy and Brandon's families were super nice and everyone seemed so excited to see these two get married! Kacy and Brandon had been dating since high school and actually got married on their 4 year dating anniversary. They were such a sweet couple. Brandon is in the Air Force and was being stationed in Washington so they had a short engagement and set off to their new home just two days after their wedding! So romantic! They wrote their own vows for each other and, I can't lie, I was tearing up behind me camera. It was super sweet. They wrote about their sweet promises to each other and Kacy talked about how she knew there would be times in their marriage when they would be in different states and maybe even different countries. She explained how that wouldn't change her love for Brandon and they would get through it all. It was refreshing to see a couple have so much determination and promise for their marriage even through the hard times. I think sometimes people expect marriage to just be easy and simple from the start; but as much fun as marriage is and what a gift it is, it isn't always easy. We all go through hard times in life and that is when I believe you have to choose your spouse every day. You have to choose to love them. Choose for them to be your person. The person you share everything with. Even the hard things in life. The person you promise to be honest with, always.  Your best friend. And listening to what Kacy and Brandon wrote to each other in their vows made it obvious that they were one step ahead of the game. You guys are inspiring! I grew up in a military family so I have an immense sense of pride and gratitude towards anyone how serves our country and also chooses to do that while having a wife and family. Congrats to you both and blessings to you two as you move forward in your marriage together! I hope these images will always serve as a wonderful reminder of your love for one another even if you have to be apart.