I have been pretty behind on blog posts lately(hence the overload of posts the past 24 hrs)…But not just blog posts, anything related to my business in general. I have loved the past four months with our baby girl and wouldn't change it for anything; but it does come with its challenges. Everyday life things, like doing laundry, cooking a complete dinner, and trying to keep the house somewhat clean have become more challenging than before. Honestly, all those things were expected once Laney arrived but I just didn't realize how defeated I would feel because of them. In my complete, open honesty, I find it hard to be the mom, wife and not to mention business owner that I wish to be! But I have just come to accept and know that making sandwiches for dinner, writing blog posts with Laney strapped to my chest (my current state…), and falling asleep on the couch only shortly after Justin gets home from work are just a new part of my life. And I know that there is freedom in that because of Christ. I have to remind myself everyday that we go through different stages in life that will never necessarily be what we had imagined or hoped, but God always finds a way to refine us through the process. And I am learning not to be so hard on myself when there are dirty dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and a long list of things to get done for my business. I love being a wife, mom and photographer. And I can still do all of those things with the joy I find in Him. And the joy he shows me through the small things is everyday life.

Recently my little family drove to Justin's aunt's house in Alabama to visit and to work on photography for a family cookbook of his Mamaw's most loved recipes. All the family members got to put in requests for which recipes they would like in the book and Debbie cooked a few while I photographed. Sometimes its good for the soul for me to take pictures for fun and not for work. Especially when it is something like this that the family will enjoy for years and remember their Mamaw by. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of meeting her; but from the stories I have hear I know I would have loved her. She was such a generous, loving woman and an amazing cook! Fried chicken, crowder peas, mashed potatoes, buttermilk pie…need I say more? YUM. (who's hungry now?)

Here are a few photos from the cookbook that I loved. This was a situation where I found a little joy in what I do. I am also thankful to be able to just sit here a write to you all (whoever you are!) and just express my life lessons. I think writing is an amazing way for me to think through things and try to figure this life out…so, thanks for listening…or reading, i guess. 

Go find joy in a small thing today!



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