For this blog it was so hard for me to narrow down which photos to use! (I apologize for an overflow of pics...) But this wedding was just so beautiful and sweet! First of all, I shot Brittany and Zach's engagement pictures back in the fall and before hand they had told me they struggled with getting good pictures because they felt awkward and thought they weren't photogenic...SO FALSE! You two were so sweet and genuine in front of the camera and that always makes for the best pics! The wedding was at Sandy Creek Barn right on the water of Lake Oconee, in the evening, so of coarse it was a beautiful setting. And all the details of the wedding tied together so wonderfully. Everything from the venue, to the koosies with the bass on them, to the margarita bar the guests hit up on the way to the CEREMONY (Such an genius idea!), to the AMAZING flowers (gosh, they were beautiful), to the band and the party people!! (they had some really fun family and guests) The mother of the bride told me they were going for, "casually elegant" and I think it was a success! It was such a fun laid back atmosphere but Brittany and Zach looked stunning and so did the rest of the bridal party. Which consisted of her two sisters as her bridesmaids and Brittany and Zach's brothers as the groomsmen. It was so sweet to see a smaller bridal party made up of just family! I hope one day my daughter has a sister and has the close relationship Brittany and her sisters have. Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of such a special day and for giving me a glimpse of what a close loving family can grow to be! Brittany and Zach, congratulations! Your wedding was a success and you are married!! Enjoy everyday together!