I cannot believe it has already been SIX months since we welcomed our little Laney into the world! It has been such a joy watching her grow and develop over the past months. I am constantly in awe of this little miracle God has entrusted Justin and I to parent...And actually the thought of that can be a little scary sometimes! Right now, in this moment, it seems like it should be pretty easy because mostly we are just meeting her physical and some emotional needs. We feed her, bathe her, rock her, kiss her, cuddle her, play with her, put her to sleep and do it all over again the next day. But all of those things combined with just, life, can seem like such a handful! Then there are days when I feel like I could do it a million times over! But it is whats to come that we sometimes (well I guess I should speak for myself here) feel overwhelmed by. How will we teach her to be compassionate towards others? Will she REALLY know who God is? Will she understand how much he loves her? How will we explain the hard, unpredictable parts of life? Or the weird things in this world? And one I really struggle with; How will I get her to grasp how God sees her. Beautiful. And what depth that has. (I don't even think I fully get that...) There are a million questions. But one step at a time right? We know the future holds some tough times but also a lot of joy filled ones. Here's to making it through the first 6 months with a healthy, laughing, crying, pooping, well fed baby! God has truly blessed Justin and I with such a sweet hearted, joyful baby girl. We are so thrilled to be her parents. And, if its possible after only 6 months, we are so proud of her and who she is! Happy 6 months LaneyBug!

Here is a video and some photos to celebrate. (If pregnant bellies freak you out, just skip the beginning. I just happen to still be amazed this human was ever inside of me.)