I just wanted to write a quick blog to share some sweet photos and thoughts of two people (well three actually) very close to me! Joel and Ashleigh are expecting their baby GIRL in March and we all couldn't be more excited!! Yes, a girl! Our husbands have all brothers and their mom, Julie, has definitely served her time in a house full of all boys! In five years, she has gained three daughter in laws, their first grand daughter, and another baby girl on the way! The girls now officially out number the boys in the Kimmel family and its so sweet! I feel so blessed to be a part of such a sweet, loving and welcoming family. I have loved getting to know Ashleigh since I have been in the picture. She is so caring and intentional and always makes you feel loved. She is also creative and talented and driven. She is going to be such a great mom! I love seeing people's stories unfold and it is even more special when it is your family. Joel and Ashleigh are going to make such great parents. And we can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl! God has truly blessed the Kimmel family and I know I am so thankful to be a part of such an awesome story! Girlfriend, you are already so loved and we cannot wait to meet you in March! 

Not only are Joel and Ashleigh awesome people...they are super beautiful and stylish too. Which i love of course. Ashleigh is glowing and Joel already loves this baby girl so much. There is nothing sweeter than to see a man gush over his daughter. Just wait till she actually gets here :)

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