The first Kimmel BOY!! For those of you who don't know, my husband has a twin brother and an older brother. All of their wives were pregnant at the same time, at least for the last few months! Joel and Ashleigh decided to wait until the baby arrived to find out if it was a boy or girl and we were all anxious to know! Justin and I found out a while ago we are expecting a boy. And Justin's twin brother, Jared and his wife Carrie, found out their TWINS are a girl and a boy as well! (Yes, a twin having twins! So exciting!) We all knew what we were having first even though Ashleigh's baby was going to be the first to arrive.  So we were all very excited when Campbell Hayden Kimmel was born last week! The oldest of three boys and one baby girl to come in just a 4 month span! There are a lot of Kimmel babies coming! It is so fun that all three brothers will have kids so close together. 

In other news, Holland seems excited to have a baby brother and has been loving on him so sweetly since his arrival. Ashleigh was an absolute rockstar bringing him into this world!! She was so patient and carried him so gracefully to full term! But he made an entrance into the world rather quickly (and in the early morning hours) and she rocked it! Ashleigh, you are such a sweet Mama to Holland already and I can't wait to see you with this sweet boy! He is just precious. We love him so much already and we can't wait for him to meet the next cousins!

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