I was so thrilled to do this session for one of my college roommate! Stephanie is the third of my roommates from college to have babies and it makes me so excited! Being a mom is one of those things you can't ever truly explain or understand until you become one. And it brings me so much joy to see my friends having babies and starting that chapter of their lives! 

Stephanie is such a beautiful mama and Annie is just precious! And I am not going to lie, seeing all of the beautiful things Stephanie made for Annie's nursery with gorgeous fabrics made me a little sad I am not having another girl! Her room is stunning just like her! But Stephanie is also super talented on the sewing machine (not one of my strengths) so maybe I can just go to her for my future sewing needs since she will have so much spare time ;)

Thank you, Stephanie, for letting me take these photos! It was so special for me. And congratulations on your sweet girl, Annie! Enjoy being Mama to her!

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