My clients for the Hampton Project had something really special to them they wanted to reuse in their newly renovated tudor. His grandparents and parents had lived in a home on a large property for some time. Their family was having to go through the home and make sure nothing sacred was left behind in preparation to sell the land. When my clients were there one day they suddenly saw the mantel around the fireplace in a different light. It had been there for years and years. It had been painted numerous times and largely gone unnoticed until now.

It’s funny how current circumstances make us see things we have seen a million times in a completely new way. They knew they wanted to use it in their new home so we took it to a local furniture restorer (which is a lost art!) and he worked for weeks stripping the mantel of it’s years and years of paint and wear and tear. Finally revealing the most stunning solid wood mantel I have seen! I can only imagine it looks just as it did the day it was installed for his grandparents.

If you have an heirloom or a piece that speaks to you in a new way, don’t be afraid to revitalize it and utilize it in your new space! It is an awesome way to mix traditional and modern elements!