Our Creekshore Renovation

Some of you remember that Justin and I bought a house a few years ago. We fixed it up while we lived with my in-laws, had a baby during that renovation, lived in that house for three years, had another baby, sold that house, bought another one, and moved back in with my in-laws a second time for our second renovation with our three kids and a huge dog. And I am wondering why I am JUST NOW writing about it! So, you’re probably thinking we are crazy, or why would anyone do that?! And you’re right, you do have to be just a little bit crazy to go through that, not once, but twice! I’ve learned two things; my in-laws are SAINTS and that we should not invest in cute rubber address stamps…But it was just for a season and I LOVE what I do, so that was all the drive I needed. We are very happy to finally be settled! So without rambling on any further, I am going to post a few before and afters of our Creekshore Renovation. (Only a year after purchasing it!)

This house was on the best lot in the neighborhood, but that was about the only “best” thing about it. It was built in 1982 and we knew this one would get completely stripped down! My focus was to open up the space to make it more functional for everyday living. I think that is always the goal for someone with small kids! Enjoy!








There are still some things we want to do, especially on the exterior, but that will be for another post! I am currently figuring out our new furniture layout for our living room, so as that comes together I’m sure you will see some updates if you follow me on Instagram! I hope you enjoyed these before and afters as much as we do! Thanks for reading, guys!